The Coven of the Wolf and the Crescent Moon has been in existence since Yuletide 1996. One of the longest running covens in the area, we identify as an eclectic and/or totemic based group that functions not only as a coven but as a family. We have several third degree witches in our midst and we strongly believe in the necessity to always continue growing and learning.

This coven is comprised of a small group of initiated members that makes up our “inner court” four of which are clergy ordained by the state to perform marriage and handfasting rituals. We also have a handful of “outer court” members who frequently attend our open rituals. Inner court members have all completed the coven’s stringent Year and A Day training successfully, have been formally initiated as a full member of the Coven, and many have continued their training into the second and third degree portion of the Coven’s degree system . Some of our members have been practicing the Craft for over 45 years and others have vast knowledge and experience in a variety of topics and pagan practices.

The Coven of the Wolf and the Crescent Moon upholds the pagan sensibilities of personal responsibility, pursuit of knowledge, tolerance, and the teachings of the Wiccan Rede. We believe strongly in creating and supporting a magically and mundanely safe space where we can learn from one another and those who join us while maintaining an organized and productive Coven. This includes a strict adherence to a code of silence which protects the identity of all participating and past members from public inquiry and exposure. As stated, we function very much like a family and welcome members of all ages and all experience levels, though minors are not permitted to obtain formal training until they are of legal age (18 years old).

If you would like to learn more about the Coven of the Wolf and the Crescent Moon and are interested in attending an open event, please contact with any questions or requests. All guests will be required to meet with all or at least two members of our Coven Council prior to attending an event and must read and adhere to the Coven Rules.

Blessed Be!